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St Joseph Grotto

Located at the original entrance to the church, Steve Malaga designed a bluestone walkway and circular patio lined with antique sandstone curbing which leads to the custom 2D limestone relief. Created by local artist Norbert Koehn, the sculpture portrays St Joseph overseeing the child Jesus being taught how to pray by his mother, Mary.

Cedar trellises embellished with brushed aluminum hurricane lanterns flank the carving, and granite benches placed within the circle provide a restful spot for reflection and prayer. A crumbing wooden fence was replaced with a tiered sandstone retaining wall to frame the hillside entrance for approaching parishioners.                     



Flowering plantings and ground covering perennials such as Creeping Phlox, Geranium Rozanne and Junior Walker Nepeta will perfume the Grotto with their sweet spring aroma. Akebia Quinata climbing vines will eventually blanket the cedar trellis with large rosy flowers and magenta colored summer fruit.

Many of the materials for the project were chosen to mimic the materials used in the St. Mary Grotto, a 2009 KGK project also located on the parish grounds. To complement the patronage of the Blessed Mother, Father Ed and Father Patrick felt a recognition of the masculine – the ordained, fathers, uncles, brothers, friends and mentors - would be a welcomed addition to the grounds.