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What Do Stormwater Fees Mean to You?

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) has determined that stormwater runoff is a growing problem which contributes to erosion, water quality issues, and stream flooding throughout our state. In January, Northeast Ohio has will begin charging homeowners for the amount of stormwater that runs off the hard surfaces on their property throughout the year due to heavy rain storms and melting snow.

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On The Books In Boston Heights

The past two winters have been especially kind to KGK. We've been fortunate to have projects to work on and mild weather to work in! This nearly complete project in Boston Heights was creatively designed for three season entertaining by KGK Landscape Designer, Andy Stegmeier.

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Luncheon Appreciation

After spending nearly eight months on the jobsite, the clients of "Grand Scale Entertaining" (as seen in our showcase) had gotten to know their field crew pretty well. On a chilly day at the end of October they graciously prepared a wonderful luncheon for our employees.

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A Big Thank You to Our Race Sponsors

A BIG thank you to all the businesses, runners, Hudson School System staff and volunteers who supported and participated in the very first Hudson Memorial Team RWB 5K Run.

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Congratulations To The Happy Couple!

Congratulations from all of us at KGK to our Office Manager, Project Manager, Office Extraordinaire Maddie Neff (Salsberry). It was a beautiful wedding.

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